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Flinders Ocean Beach - Mushroom Reef

Hang gliding
Short walk
Snorkelling/SCUBA Diving

A white sandy beach contrasted by the nearby basalt cliffs and rugged coast beyond.

A favourite family pastime is exploring the amazing rock pools of Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary. At low tide, the ocean withdraws to expose a huge mushroom-shaped rock platform extending from the beach. The reef is formed from ancient basalt and is famous for the diversity of marine life which make it their home.

Diving and snorkeling are popular activities on the subtidal reefs but take care of strong currents on this unpatrolled beach.

A hang gliding ramp is available on the cliff top above Mushroom Reef.

This popular beach is easily accessible from a car park off Golf Links Road, Flinders.

Accessibility information

West Head

The West Head at Flinders offers great ocean views.

There is no designated disabled parking spaces. The carpark is road base gravel.

The lookout is accessed via a 50 metre level earthen path from the car park. The lookout platform is raised and is only accessible via three wooden steps at the eastern end or five at the western end. Adjacent to the wooden platform is a small ground level observation area that looks out over the Flinders Ocean Beach and Mushroom Reef.

Beach access from the West Head is only available vis a steep set of steps.

Ocean beach - Mushroom Reef

Two carparks are available at the Ocean Beach. From an accessibility standpoint the lower car park affords greater opportunities. At the far end of the carpark there are two accessible picnic tables. The path to the tables from the car park is flat but consists of some soft sand. The tables are located on a level area of well grassed sand.

Access to the beach and the rocks of Mushroom Reef requires a step of the grassed area onto the beach. The drop is approximately 30 centimetres. There is a short section of soft sand before the hard sand of the beach. Good hard sand walking is available at low tide.

There are no accessible toilet facilities at the Flinders Ocean Beach or West Head. The nearest facilities are in the Flinders Town Centre.