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Horse riding

Horse riding

Horse riding is a popular activity in the rural areas of the Mornington Peninsula. As a way of catering for horse riding in the Mornington Peninsula National Park, a small area of the park has been set a side under the provisions of the National Parks Act. This area is also available to other park users and special regulations apply so all users can enjoy the area equally. These regulations also help to preserve the environmental and landscape values of the area.

Boag Rocks

Horse riding is permitted in the Mornington Peninsula National Park only between Boag Rocks and the beach access track at Paradise Drive, St. Andrews-Rye. (See park note for map). This area links to the Mornington Peninsula Shire

Council Equestrian Trail Network.

Horse access to the beach is ONLY provided from Truemans Road, near the National Park entrance station at Gunnamatta Beach. There is a small gravel car park suitable for 2 vehicles and floats at the start of the horse access on Truemans Road. (Melway Map 252 D11).

Loading and unloading horses is not permitted in the Gunnamatta Ocean Beach car parks in the National Park.

All horse riders must follow these commonsense regulations, as penalties apply to those who do not adhere to the regulations.

Horse riding groups

Commercially based horse tour groups are regulated by a permit system. These tours are led by experienced leaders which take special care with safety and environmental issues. A maximum of 20 horses on the beach at any one time applies to groups.

A permit system is also in place for equestrian clubs to assist in regulating number of horses and possible conflicts.

Independent horse riders

Riders should be experienced with their horses. Some horses which are not familiar with waves crashing on a beach can be difficult to control in this different environment. It is recommended that riders wear an approved riding helmet at all times and do not ride alone. The beach is remote with no public phone and limited mobile phone coverage.

Conditions of use

  • No horses between sunset and the following sunrise.
  • Horses must not be ridden above the high tide mark except for gaining access to beach from Truemans Road.
  • Horses must be ridden in a single file along the access track from Truemans Road to Boag Rocks.
  • Horses must not be galloped at any time.
  • Right of way must be given to all other beach users including walkers and fishermen.
  • Horses must be walked when approaching other park users.
  • Horses must not be left unattended.
  • Riders must observe signage and markers that may indicate a change in riding area due to sand movement or special wildlife protection requirements.
  • Dogs are prohibited at all times.