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The park contains a variety of eucalypts including Yarra Gums and Manna Gums, which grow along the creek flats and Blue Gums and Messmates, which prefer the south-facing escarpment or the elevated plateau.

Narrow-leaf Peppermint can be found on the dry ridges. Snow Gums grow on the higher peaks and Red Stringybarks colour the western area of the park.

Magnificent tree ferns grow in wet gullies where the lush vegetation creates a cool retreat in summer. Mount Cole Grevillea and Shiny Tea-tree are found on the elevated slopes.


More than 130 species of birds have been recorded in the park and adjoining Mount Cole State Forest. Patient visitors will enjoy bird watching in a quiet corner.

Echidnas, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Swamp Wallabies and Red-necked Wallabies are often seen from the walking tracks and roads.