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Lake Catani Camping & Lakeside Day Visitor Area

Camp fires

Discover magnificent waterfalls and remote alpine landscapes while you camp within beautiful Snow Gum woodlands at Lake Catani Campground.

The Lakeside Day Visitor Area, located on the lake shore adjacent to the campground, provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cool swim or paddle a canoe.

The newly refurbished picnic shelter overlooks Lake Catani and is a beautifully relaxing setting. Facilities include accessible toilets, free gas barbecues and picnic tables.

Campsite bookings

Camping is available from Melbourne Cup Weekend (beginning of November) to April inclusive. Advance bookings and payment are required.

Outside of the peak summer holiday period, bookings can be made up to 18 months ahead with new dates released every six months.

Bookings for the 2018/19 peak summer period (Christmas/New Year) will open at 10 am Monday, 3 September 2018.

Peak season periods fill quickly with bookings accepted on a first in, first served basis. Minimum stays apply.

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A unique opportunity to go glamping will commence in October 2018, running until December 2018. Find out more about the Glamping trial.

Campground information

There are  unpowered campsites available set among picturesque Snow Gum woodland. Each is marked by a numbered post. Camping is permitted only within the boundary of these sites.

Some of the sites are suitable for small caravans and campervans while others are for car camping and tents only. Walk-in campsites provide campers with even quieter surroundings. The maximum number of people per site is six.


Toilets, hot showers, dish washing and a basic laundry (no washing machines) are provided. A separate disabled access hot shower and toilet is also available.

A communal stone shelter with tables and fireplaces is located adjacent to the amenities building. Basic lighting in the amenities is provided by solar panels.

Campers are required to be self sufficient with drinking water.

Group camping area

A special area within the campground has been set aside for schools and social groups. These sites must be booked in advance. Only two school or social groups can occupy the campground at any one time.

The total number of school or social group campers must not exceed 50 on any one night. Bookings should be made by contacting the park office on 03 5755 1466.

Winter camping

Five sites (2 people per site) available only during the declared snow season, beginning the Friday of Queens Birthday weekend until the end of August.  Access is via a 1km walk/ski off the main road along the Lake Catani Rd or a 2km walk/ski from the Gorge Visitor Area along the Gorge/Lake Catani track. No vehicle access is available. The sites are situated around the stone hut. Fires may be lit only in the fireplaces within the picnic shelter and fuel stoves are recommended. Campground amenities are closed during winter, there is a pit toilet located behind the stone hut. Water is available from Lake Catani. No fees apply.

Camp fires

Open fires are only permitted in group fireplaces and in the stone shelter. Fireplaces are limited. Gas stoves are preferred and recommended.

Firewood collecting within the park is prohibited, however firewood can be purchased in the park from rangers, or campers can bring their own.

Bushfire Safety

Mount Buffalo National Park has been assessed to have a high level of bushfire risk and will be closed for public safety on days of Code Red Fire Danger Rating.

Find out more about Code Red park closures.

Accessibility Information

(For visitors with limited mobility) 


The Lake Catani camping area has several campsites that are well-suited for visitors in wheelchairs as they are located on reasonably level ground and are located within 50 metres of the visitor amenities building. The most accessible sites are sites 2, 3, 11 and 12.

Entry point to Lake Catani campground

Access to the toilets and showers from the campsites is from one of several compacted gravel paths that meander through the trees from the various campsites. Some of these paths are wider than others. There are no designated disabled parking bays in the camping area but campsites have sufficient space for vehicles to be parked close to the tents.  Group fireplaces are provided for campers to share and some of these have a picnic table and bench seating.

Picnic table at Lake Catani campground

Visitor amenities building

The visitor amenities building consists of separate male and female flushing toilets and cold/hot showers for visitors, a unisex accessible toilet & shower, a laundry and a dishwashing area.

Visitor amenities building at Lake Catani campground

Unisex accessible toilet

The unisex accessible toilet and shower has its own separate entrance in the visitor amenities building. The entrance to the accessible toilet is quite narrow at approximately 80cm wide. The door opens outward and has a knob-style handle and lock.

Entrance to Lake Catani campground amenities building

The cubicle area is approximately 172cm wide and 245cm long which provides reasonable space for manoeuvrability.  There is grab-railing next to the toilet on the left side wall. There is a very small vanity next to the toilet which has knob-style taps. There is insufficient space underneath the vanity for access from the front but visitors in wheelchairs may be able to access it from the sides. There is a vanity mirror on the inside of the toilet suitable for wheelchair height.

Accessible toilet cubicle at Lake Catani campground

The shower is located in the toilet cubicle area and the shower floor provides easy access for shower commode chairs. There is a detachable shower nozzle for washing from a seated position. The shower has a vertical grab-rail and a horizontal grab-rail located on the shower wall.  There is also a small bench that folds down.

Shower at Lake Catani campground

There are no electric power points in the toilet/shower area. There is solar-powered electric lighting that automatically comes on in the evening and stays on until 9.30pm. After this time the lights are sensor activated and stay on for approximately 3 minutes at a time.


There is a small laundry located in the toilet block building which has a large sink for washing of clothes and hot and cold water taps. The entrance door swings inwards and the entrance opening is approximately 80cm wide. There is a small step of approximately 10cm high at the doorway entrance . The sink and laundry bench provide reasonable space underneath for wheelchair access, although the sink taps may be hard to reach for some visitors in wheelchairs. There are no washing machines or dryers.

Laundry at Lake Catani campground

Dishwashing area

There is a dishwashing area in the amenities building that has a small and a large sink for washing dishes and hot and cold water taps. The large sink has limited space underneath so access may be difficult if seated in a wheelchair.

Dishwashing area at Lake Catani campground

Mess Hall

There is a Mess Hall approximately 50 metres from the amenities building which contains several tables and benches and two fireplaces. There are no designated disabled parking bays but vehicles can park close to the Mess Hall. The parking area has a compacted gravel surface and there is a reasonably level gravel path that leads from the carpark to the entrance of the Mess Hall. The entrance to the building is approximately 105cm wide and the floor of the building is concrete.

Wood shed at Lake Catani campground

The tables and benches in the mess hall are not ideal for wheelchairs due to insufficient space underneath at the table ends. Wheelchair access to the tables can be addressed by moving one of the benches. There is no electrical lighting in the Mess Hall and there are no power points. There is an open fire place at each end of the hall. Firewood can be purchased at the wood shed which is approximately 30 metres from the hall.

Mess hall fireplace at Lake Catani campground