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Toboganning and snow play

Dingo Dell and Cresta Valley are the two main areas for toboganning at Mt Buffalo National Park.

Only plastic moulded toboggans are permitted. Home-made toboggans using items like car inner-tubes and wheelbarrow buckets and scooter/bike style devices are not permitted.

Dingo Dell

Aimed mainly at family groups with young children, Dingo Dell has a great little toboggan slope with a safe run-out area at the bottom. There is ample space for kids to build snow men, snow angels and for running about throwing snowballs. 

Cresta Valley

While the facilities at Cresta may be a little more basic than at Dingo Dell, the tobogganing is more diverse. There is a wide range of terrain and scenery on offer but with an area designated for family fun in a safe and controlled slope. The opportunity for snow play is also expanded with a large plateau open for exploration and snow play.