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Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk

There are over 90 km of tracks traversing pristine sub-alpine plant communities and unique landscapes. The tracks are generally well defined and signposted.

Please be aware that limited phone reception is available within the park.

Self guided walks

1. Gorge Heritage Walk (2.5 km, 1 hour return)

This loop walk starts in the Gorge Day Visitor Area opposite the Chalet. Interpretive signs describe the area’s history and beauty through the eyes of local pioneer, Guide Alice.

2. Dicksons Falls Nature Walk (4 km, 1.5 hours return)

This walk starts on the east side of the road opposite Cresta Valley ski area. Subalpine plant communities and masses of wildflowers are a highlight in late summer.

3. Lakeside Walk (3 km, 1 hour circuit)

Lake Catani is best seen from this circuit track as it passes through several different plant communities. The walk can be accessed from various points around Lake Catani.

Shorter walks

Ideal if you are short on time with all being less than 4km and generally take less than an hour to complete.

4. View Point Nature Walk (4 km, 2 hours return)

Access to this walk is easiest from the Lakeside Day Visitor Area starting about 500m from the Lake Catani jetty.

5. Eurobin Falls Track (1.5 km, 45 minutes return)

This track climbs past the pretty Ladies Bath Falls and onto Lower Eurobin Falls. A steeper track continues up to the base of the Upper Falls.

6. Rollasons Falls Track (4 km, 1.5 hours return)

Start at Rollasons Falls Picnic Area. Turn left at the intersection for the Upper Falls lookout and right to the Lower Falls and rock pool. There is a short steep section at the end of this relatively easy walk.

7. Gorge - Lake Catani Track (4 km, 1.5 hours return)

This easy track links the Gorge and Lakeside day visitor areas through stands of Alpine Ash. View Point Nature Walk begins at Eurobin Creek Bridge below the Lake Catani dam wall.

8. Underground River Track (2.5 km, 1 hour return)

From the lower Gorge carpark, this track leads to Billsons and Haunted Gorge lookouts and onto the Underground River. Continue on to link up with the View Point Nature Walk. Note the Underground River Cave should not entered without an experienced guide and appropriate equipment.

9. Monolith Track (1.8 km, 1 hour circuit)

Access from the carpark opposite the Park Office. Returning by a loop to the Snow Clearing Depot and along the road to the carpark. Or continue 1.5 km to the Gorge Day Visitor Area. The track can also be accessed from the Chalet via the Gorge-Lake Catani Track.

10. Lake View Track (2 km, 45 minutes return)

This steep track, commencing near the Snow Clearing Depot, terminates at a large rock slab giving fine views of Lake Catani below and the Alps beyond Mount Buffalo.

11. Chalwell Galleries Track (1.7 km, 1 hour circuit)

Begin near the Lake Catani Campground. This track passes through the galleries which are a jumble of large granite rocks forming impressive passages. The climb through the galleries is steep and challenging.

12. Old Galleries Track (1 km, 30 minutes circuit)

Similar to Chalwell, the Old Galleries offer a shorter walk through the awe inspiring rock formations of Mount Buffalo. This short loop returns back along the main road.

13. Cathedral - Hump Track (2 km, 45 minutes return)

Starting at the Cathedral Picnic Area, the track leads past the spectacular Cathedral and on to the Hump summit for fine views of Cresta Valley and the Horn.

14. Corral - Castle Track (3.5 km, 1.5 hours return)

Le Souef Peak, Mahomets Tomb and the secluded Corral are also accessed from Cathedral Picnic Area. A side trip past the Sentinel and onto the Castle is worthwhile.

15. The Horn Track (1.5 km, 45 minutes return)

The highest point of Mount Buffalo at 1723 m is a must with 360o views of the plateau and Alps at the summit.

Longer walks

These longer walks take you to more remote areas of the park. Wear sturdy footwear, pack a snack, water and a jacket, be ready for sudden changes in the weather and always let someone know before you go!

16. Mount McLeod Track (16 km, 6 hours return)

Starting near Reservoir Picnic Area, the track leads to the most remote part of the park, North Buffalo Plateau. As an alternate return route, try the Mount McLeod Shortcut Track providing a more gradual climb onto the main plateau, linking back with the Mount McLeod Track.

17. Mollisons Galleries Track (18 km, 6 hours circuit)

Begin on Mount McLeod Track turning left after 300m. Detour to Og Gog & Magog and Eagle Point along the way. An alternate return route is available via the Rocky Creek loop track which is a wilderness track- basic construction with limited markings & definition. The track may be difficult to find and independent navigation is essential.

18. Rocky Creek Track (13 km, 4 hours return)

From the Reservoir this management vehicle track links in with Long Plain, Macs Point and Mollisons Galleries Tracks, terminating at the remote Rocky Creek Campground.

19. Long Plain Track (8 km, 3 hours return)

Reach Mount Dunn via this picturesque track from near Lake Catani. Continue 2 km onto the Reservoir or try a loop out to Macs Point and back via Rocky Creek Track.

20. Macs Point Track (7 km, 3 hours return)

Start at the snow plain 300m south of the Leviathan. This track also links into Long Plain Track via Stanley Rocks and Giants Causeway. A longer circuit is via Rocky Creek Track returning along Long Plain Track.

21. South Buffalo Track (8 km, 3 hours return)

From Cresta Valley this track initially climbs a ridge then meanders though Snow Gum glades and small snow plains, terminating at the South Buffalo view point.

22. Back Wall Track (12 km, 4 hours return)

Begin on Dicksons Falls Nature Walk, turning right after 500m passing by the historic Chinamans Wall. The alternative Eastern Loop track is currently closed.

23. The Big Walk (11.3 km, 4 - 5 hours one way)

The longest walk on Mt Buffalo.This track climbs the plateau from the park entrance to the Gorge Day Visitor Area. Detours are possible to Rollasons Falls and lookouts along the way. Water is limited along this track so remember to carry plenty with you.