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The vegetation types vary greatly throughout the park, providing for a broad range of fauna habitats. The higher slopes around Mount Lawson support forests dominated by Narrow-leaf Peppermint with associated species including Blue Gum, Candlebark Gum and Brittle Gum.

The steep, dry slopes to the north of the park carry stands of Black Cypress-pine and Kurrajong with a sparse shrubby understorey of Crimson Grevillea, Drooping She-oak and Common Fringe-myrtle. Red Stringybark and Long-leaf Box dominate the lower slopes with Red Box and Broad-leaf Peppermint.

A wide range of shrubs, creepers and wildflowers are present throughout the Park and provide a spectacular display during the spring. Species include a range of hop bitter-peas, grevilleas and bush-peas.


Animal life is abundant and varied with Brown Antechinus, Brushtail Possums, Forest Bats, Greater Gliders, wombats and Eastern Grey Kangaroos often sighted. A range of bird life is also present including the Common Bronzewing, White-throated Tree Creeper, Fuscous Honey Eater and Noisy Friarbird.