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Mount Napier State Park

Mt Napier summit track
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Mt Napier - Crater
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Harmans Road
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Mt Napier - Peak
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Wild goat rock
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Stand on the edge of Mount Napier, the most recently active volcano in Victoria, and enjoy magnificent views from the Grampians to the sea. There is a walking track to the summit that winds through manna gum and Blackwood forest and past impressive volcanic features.

Byaduk Caves

Byaduk Caves are reached via the Byaduk Caves Road, 18 km from Hamilton on the Hamilton-Port Fairy Road. They are part of a lava flow from Mount Napier solidified and were formed by molten lava continuing to flow beneath.

The caves contain wrinkles, stalactites and stalagmites, columns and ropy lava. They are the most extensive and accessible set of lava caves in Victoria. Only one cave, Harmans 1, is open to the public. Wear appropriate footwear and clothing and take a torch.

Bentwing bats spend winter in some of the caves. To avoid winter food shortages the bats slow their body systems down in what is known as torpor where their body temperature matches that of their surroundings. Disturbance during this period can kill them. Do not shine lights on bats, avoid loud noises and retreat from the cave if bats are seen.

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