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Lindsay Island

Four wheel driving

Located in the far north-west corner of the state, Lindsay Island is intersected by a number of small creeks carrying floodwaters from the Murray River into swamps, billabongs and flood plains. The Island is home to an array of plants and animals and has a rich heritage.

The island's floodplains are a haven for wildlife. River Red Gums grow close to the Murray River and along smaller creek beds. Black Box woodlands give way to dense lignum on clay flats - a haven for robins and fairy-wrens.

Pelicans and Wedge-tailed Eagles soar overhead while Emus and Red and Western Grey Kangaroos roam the drier plains. The elusive, endangered Paucident Planigale, a small native mammal, shelters in clay fissures. Regent Parrots flash through the trees above and waterbirds wade in the creeks below.

How to get there

Lindsay Island is about 650kms north-west of Melbourne and 300kms east of Adelaide, reached via the Sturt Highway from Mildura and South Australia.

Access to Lindsay Island is via the Old Mail Road, an unsealed road running between Meridian Road and Lock 9 Road. Two-wheel drive vehicles can access the island in dry weather, however four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended. All tracks are dry weather only and gates will be closed during flooding.

Many months of dry access allows a four wheel drive visit to a variety of picturesque locations, including Kulkurna Cliffs and the mouth of the Mullaroo Creek.


Many of the tracks lead to perfect shady sites along the creeks where bush camping or picnicking can be enjoyed. Avoid resting, picnics or camping under or close to trees. They may drop heavy branches at any time without warning.

No booking is required. Camping is on a first in, first-served basis.

There are no designated camping areas but bush camping is possible.

Practice minimal impact camping and observe relevant fire regulations. Beware of falling River Red Gum limbs when camping.


Superb scenery rewards those who accept the challenge of negotiating fallen timber and river bends.


Favoured areas are the Mullaroo Creek, Lindsay and Murray Rivers. You can fish from the water’s edge or launch a small boat Fish include Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Redfin, Yabbies and the introduced European Carp.

A Victorian recreational fishing licence is required for fishing and yabbying in the lakes and creeks of the park and a NSW licence for the Murray River.