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Pink Lakes - Lake Hardy and Lake Crosbie

Four wheel driving
Short walk

The Pink Lakes are so named because of their colour during late summer. A red pigment, carotene, is secreted from the algae - best seen early or late in the day or when it is cloudy. The lakes evaporate over summer leaving concentrated salt crusts over black mud. Commercial salt harvesting began in the Pink Lakes area in 1916, using shovels and wheel-barrows. For more than twenty years camel teams transported the salt away from the area.

Today old salt stock piles and machinery used in harvesting can be seen on the edge of Lake Crosbie.

The wildflower display during spring can be impressive. On a warm afternoon you may see Rainbow Bee-eaters chasing flying insects or Mallee and Bearded Dragons scurrying to the cover of a Triodia (Porcupine Grass) clump.

How to get there

Pink Lakes are 60kms west of Ouyen along the Mallee Highway. Turn onto an all-weather gravel road for 13kms to the main camping areas at Lake Crosbie. Access further north into the park is recommended for four wheel drive only.

Access is also possible by two wheel drive vehicles along a gravel road from Linga.

For those with limited time, a drive around the Pioneer Drive (Pink Lakes) is recommended. Otherwise take a four wheel drive trip to the Mount Crozier Lookout or old Mopoke Hut outstation.

It is important to check current road conditions with park staff before visiting. Some tracks become impassable in wet weather and others are recommended only for four wheel drive. Ensure you carry adequate water, food and fuel when four wheel driving.


The main campground at Lake Crosbie is a great place to stay overnight or for a longer stay.

No booking is required. Camping is on a first in, first-served basis.

Non-flush toilets, gas barbecues, fireplaces and picnic tables are provided.

No drinking water is provided – supply your own.


There are excellent walking tracks in the Pink Lakes area.

Some suggested walks are the Kline Nature Walk (approx 2 hours), Lake Becking (approx 45 mins) and Lake Hardy (approx 1 hour).

It is essential to contact a ranger before attempting an extended walk in the more remote areas of the park.