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Short walk

For visitors with limited mobility:

  • The garden is an extensively landscaped and planted garden on an undulating site.  Much of the site is quite steep, adding to the aesthetic of the mountain garden but decreasing pedestrian accessibility.
  • The long walk around the garden site is on wide, sealed paths.
  • The Visitor Centre and Show Hall are accessible buildings, and there are disabled toilets available.
  • An accessibility assessment of this park was completed in 2012. There is more detailed accessibility information in the pages below.
  • national rhododendron gardens - kurume bowl

    Explore - for visitors with limited mobility Exploring the gardensThe gardens are endowed by the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. Tall Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) provide a magnificent vertical accent to the gardens. Mountain Ash are…

  • national rhododendron gardens

    Visitor centre and shop Directly inside the gate is the gift shop and visitor centre. The garden's gift shop stocks a wide range of gifts including limited edition prints, gardening books and garden ornaments.…

  • rhody gardens - main entrance

    Bitumen entrance and 4 disabled carparks Accessibility information Directly opposite the main entry and beyond the main carpark are four more designated disabled parking spaces. These spaces are 3.2 metres in width. Directly inside the gate…

  • accessibility - carpark

    Carpark (55 spaces) Accessibility information There is a main car park before the entrance to the gardens. The main car park contains one designated disabled parking space 3.6 metres wide. Pictured above -…

  • rhody gardens - wedding carpark

    Wedding Carpark The wedding carpark is close to the Camellia Garden. The Oak Lawn is also accessible from here, and Serentiy Point is a short walk away. There is no designated disabled…