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Snake Island

Named after its elongated shape, is situated within Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park, 180km from Melbourne. Snake Island is the largest sand island in Victoria and forms the western end of the barrier islands that protect sheltered mangroves, intertidal mudflats and marine communities from the pounding seas of Bass Strait.

Knowledge of the local tides and channels within the Park is necessary before travelling to Snake Island. Access is by boat and is tide dependant. Port Welshpool is the closest boat ramp. A jetty at Swashway on the north western side of the island provides a safe mooring site. Beach landing can be made in calm weather at some locations. Some charter boat operators provide taxi service to the island from Port Welshpool.

Camping is permitted on Snake Island.  The island’s remoteness is popular with walkers and a network of tracks provides access to the many features of the island. See Walking for more information. Knowledge of the tides is essential for walking the ocean beaches safely.


A two-year trial of balloted Hog Deer hunting commenced on Snake Island in February 2017. The focus of the trial was on providing quality hunting opportunities in a safe and controlled way that coexists with current land use and visitors to the island.

Following the successful two-year trial, Parks Victoria can advise that balloted hog deer hunting on Snake Island has been extended for another five years until 2023.

The ballot and hunting periods will be strictly regulated by the Game Management Authority (GMA) and Parks Victoria.

The current arrangements for each hunting period will be scheduled during the week days and no more than eight hunters will permitted on the island for a period of five days. Each hunt period begins on Monday at 8.00am and finishes on Friday at midday. Hunting is not permitted at night. Signs will be in place at key access points to the island.