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Toilets (Visitor Centre)

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Accessibility information

Path to the toilet block

The toilet block is located down a slight slope from the carpark. There are two paths from the carpark. Both paths are gravel. The one nearest the visitors centre has a hard packed surface. The path closer to the bus parking is loose stones. The slope is less than 1 in 14.

path to toilets

Toilet Block

The toilet block has a single unisex accessible cubicle between the male and female facilities. It has an inward swinging door with light pressure required to open it. It is fitted with a rotating internal lock.

There is ample turning room and space for a wheelchair beside the toilet.

The seat height is 420 millimeters and there are side and rear grab bars. There is a bin in the cubicle.

The basin is accessible and there is no hot water running through any of the exposed pipes. The tap is on the back wall and is the rotating type. It is difficult to operate without finger dexterity.