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Over 230 species of wildflowers have been listed in this fine example of Box-Ironbark open forest. They include over 30 orchid species.

The Golden Wattle is a feature and each year the bush is aglow with the yellow wattle flowers in late winter and early spring.

Red Ironbark, Grey Box and Yellow Gum dominate the tree cover. Yellow, Red and Long-leaved Box and Red Stringybark are the other main tree species.


There are more than 140 native bird species in Paddys Ranges including the rare Painted Honeyeater. It visits the ranges in spring and summer and often nests there. Swift Parrots visit the area in winter each year but they return to Tasmania in spring.

Several remarkable songsters are present, including Crested Bellbirds. Also of importance are Wedge-tailed Eagles' nests which are used from year to year and Peregrine Falcons which nest in the park.

There are also mammal species such as wallabies, kangaroos and echidnas. Possums and smaller mammals, such as the antechinus, are also present but not easily seen as they are nocturnal. The rare Brush-tailed Phascogale is also present and breeds in the park.