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The following points of interest have some accessible facilities:

  • Quarantine Station
  • Gunners Cottage
  • Fort Nepean

Other accessibility notes

  • Walter Pisterman Heritage Walk from Gunners Cottage to the Bay is generally accessible, but lacks hand rails and is steep in parts. Coles Track and the Defence Road to Fort Nepean are also generally accessible.
  • The most accessible route near the historic fort building leads from the shuttle-bus stop to the Old Barracks site via a tunnel, and back again via Gun Emplacement No.1.
  • Other paths in this area have isolated obstacles such as steps and uneven surfaces limiting their accessibility.
  • Wheelchair access is limited at Observatory Point beach access due to steps.
  • Observatory Point picnic area

    Observatory Point Picnic Area Accessibility Information The 500 metre Walter Pisterman Heritage Walk is generally accessible to the Observatory Point picnic area. Observatory Point picnic area is a relatively level, open space with low…

  • point nepean  - quarantine station

    Quarantine Station Discover the historical precinct which has almost 50 heritage listed buildings. The Quarantine Station was established in 1852 and from 1952 the buildings also housed the Army Officer Cadet School.Walkers…

  • Point Nepean Shuttle

    Shuttle service The Point Nepean Shuttle is a hop-on hop-off shuttle service transporting visitors between the Quarantine Station and Fort Nepean. Visitors can hop on and off at the designated stops along…

  • accessibility - beach access wheelchair

    All-terrain wheelchair An all-terrain beach wheelchair is available for park visitors who are frail or who have a physical disability. The chair is suited for sandy and semi-rough track surfaces that are…