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CANOPY – Eco Sleeper Pods

Uncover Victoria’s great parks

Artist impression of Eco Sleeper Pod in location
Eco Sleeper Pod at Point Nepean National Park

The CANOPY – Eco Sleeper Pod pilot program is an exciting initiative from Parks Victoria, designed to help protect our environment for the future by connecting more visitors with the natural beauty of Victoria’s parks.

The pilot ran from March – July 2018. Its objectives were to:

  • Attract new target audiences by providing access and experiences relevant to their needs
  • Extend Victoria’s seasons – allowing visitors to stay in parks during cooler months
  • Increase regional dispersal, length of stay and expenditure in support of regional economies
  • Provide business opportunities for Victoria’s eco-tourism industry
  • Support park conservation outcomes via the re-investment of revenue into park

The pilot introduced three styles of temporary, moveable pods, designed to offer visitors a way to extend their stay and to truly immerse themselves in the wonders of our iconic parks around the state.

Community Engagement Report

During the pilot, Parks Victoria sought feedback on the Eco Sleeper Pod designs, amenity, accessibility and visual impact, as well as the visitor experience and hearing any community concerns about the introduction of the new style of accommodation.

The summary report is now available to view on Engage Victoria.

Parks Victoria would like to thank participants who generously shared their time, research, values and ideas through this engagement process.