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Just like a 'virtual tour guide' the Point Nepean audio tours are a must for any visit to Point Nepean National Park. It is a valuable insight into a place with so many stories to tell. iPods (with headphones) are available for daily loan (at no cost) from the Information Centre so you can listen to the stories while you explore the park.  Or download the files below to your own MP3 player before you visit.

The history of Point Nepean spans back thousands of years to the Bunurong people. Since then the park has been used to quarantine people arriving in Victoria, defend the colony of Victoria and for military training of our army personnel.

Point Nepean has a diversity of places to see including the military forts and tunnels, the Quarantine Station and the memorial where Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared. There are views of spectacular coastline, coastal tracks through moonah woodland to explore and native wildlife to discover.

Audio tour map and transcript

To help you with your audio tour around the park please download the map.

A transcript of the audio guides has been prepared for hearing impaired visitors.  Download the transcript before your visit, or pick one up at the park from the Information Centre.

Quarantine Station audio tour

Download the 13 chapters about the Quarantine Station and wander around the site at your leisure. Listen to how the diseased ship the Ticonderoga first anchored, the world wide Spanish Flu pandemic was the busiest time at the Quarantine Station and how the different class systems were treated. There are also stories about the Army's Officer Cadet School's occupation at the site. There is 30 minutes of listening time.

Track 1 - Welcome to Country

Track 2 - Point Nepean National Park

Track 3 - Lime mortar and the Sullivan family

Track 4 - The Ticonderoga's legacy of horror

Track 5 - The perfect location for enforced isolation

Track 6 - The yellow flag

Track 7 - Mixed blessing

Track 8 - First class hill top; third class beach side

Track 9 - Taking quarantine seriously

Track 10 - From Wold War I to Spanish flu

Track 11 - Just my rotten luck

Track 12 - Isolated and shunned

Track 13 - The officer cadet school

Track 14 - A day in the life of an Army cadet

Track 15 - Search pockets for grenades

Track 16 - Safe haven for Kosovars

Track 33 - End

Fort Nepean audio tour

Download and listen to the 5 chapters about Fort Nepean which was part of the heavily protected entrance to Port Phillip Bay. Wander around the tunnels and gun emplacements and learn about all the fascinating stories. There is 11 minutes of listening time.

Track 1 - Welcome to Country

Track 2 - Point Nepean National Park

Track 17 - The nation's most protected port

Track 18 - No luxuries at Fort Nepean

Track 19 - Females at Fort Nepean - You bet

Track 20 - The shots that signaled Australia

Track 21 - Deep sea graves

Track 33 - End

Around the park tour

These 11 chapters are about the other features in the park. They include the wildlife, unique Moonah Woodland and the story about how and Australian Prime Minster Harold Holt disappeared while swimming off the beach at Point Nepean. There is 23 minutes of listening time.

Track 1 - Welcome to Country

Track 2 - Point Nepean National Park

Track 22 - Prime Minister Harold Holt is missing

Track 23 - The SS Cheviot's final hour

Track 24 - Not so Happy Valley

Track 25 - Guns, bazookas and antitank warfare

Track 26 - A bright night light

Track 27 - Ready, aim, fire

Track 28 - Communication and cattle

Track 29 - A sad and lonely end

Track 30 - Magnificent marine habitat

Track 31 - Parrots, plovers, and nightlife

Track 32 - Our rare Monah Woodlands

Track 33 - End