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Quarantine Station

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Discover the historical precinct which has almost 50 heritage listed buildings. The Quarantine Station was established in 1852 and from 1952 the buildings also housed the Army Officer Cadet School.

Walkers and cyclists can take Coles Track which links the Quarantine Station to the Gunners Cottage and Fort Nepean. A selfguided walk is available.

Limited picnic facilities are provided but there are no barbecue facilities in this area. Portable gas barbecues may be used in the Quarantine Station precinct only, except on a declared Total Fire Ban day.

The Stables information area

A new static information area is available at the Quarantine Station car park within the old stables complex. This provides visitors with orientation and interpretation information on arrival to help plan their visit.

For more detailed information, please continue to the main Information Centre.

Point Nepean Information Centre

Located an easy 200m walk from the Quarantine Station carpark, the centre offers information for park visitors as well as bike hire and audio tours.

Quarantine Station audio tour

Listen to how the diseased ship the Ticonderoga first anchored, the world-wide Spanish Flu pandemic was the busiest time at the Quarantine Station and how the different class systems were treated. There are also stories about the Army's Officer Cadet School's occupation at the site.

Download audio files here

Accessibility Information

Shuttle stop - Quarantine Station

A new shuttle service stop is located within the Quarantine Station carpark.


Toilet Facilities

The concrete path leading to the unisex disabled toilet is 72 centimetres wide. There is grass on either side. Access to the path is from the road behind the park office building with a ramp leading up from the carpark.

The toilet is clearly signed, with Braille, outside the toilet block.

Grab rails are positioned behind and beside the toilet.

The sink is accessible with easy to operate hand controls on taps and an accessible mirror behind. There is adequate manoeuvring room for a wheelchair within the cubicle.

Drinking fountain

There is an accessible drinking fountain on the edge of the parade ground on a level, grassed area.

Cook House

Cook House is not accessible. There is a 15 centimetre step at the entrance. There are no ramps.


There is a ramp leading to the veranda of the Hospital building and a second ramp leading into the building.

There is a wide veranda that wraps around the building.

However, there is a nine centimetre step at the door, making the building inside inaccessible.

Disinfecting and bathing complex

The concrete ramp leading into this complex has an incline of approximately 1:7 and a small cross slope of approximately 1:27.

There are embedded trolley tracks (approximately 65 centimetres apart) in the ramp that continue in the concrete leading into the building and beyond that might hinder accessibility for wheelchairs.

The concrete path surrounding the complex is uneven in places.

Inside the complex there is adequate room to manoeuvre a wheelchair around the displays.

The floor surface is a combination of relatively level concrete and linoleum.

Boiler House

The entrance to the Boiler House is 83 centimetres wide. There are double doors. Only one is left open and the other is difficult to open.

The disinfecting oven is 120 centimetres wide. There are trolley tracks running through the oven creating a slight obstacle for wheelchairs.

Cemetery and tree-lined walk

There is a gravel path into the cemetery that changes into a low-cut grassed area that limits access.

There is a wide and accessible tree-lined walk that meanders past buildings on the site. The path is asphalt.

Cemetery Beach

There is beach viewing area and ramp to the bay beach located near the Quarantine station cemetery. The timber ramp has approximately 1:14 gradient leads and is approximately 1.3 metres wide leading down to the small beach.

Ramp to Cemetery Beach

This beach can be accessed by all-terrain beach wheelchairs.

Cemetery Beach ramp

Cemetery Beach ramp