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Island Archway

Accessibility Information

The Island Archway viewing area is accessed via a designated sealed path leading from the main Loch Ard Gorge carpark.


This path is sealed for the first 300 metres and is very wide.



The next 100 metre section of the path is unsealed and is considerably narrower at approximately 1.5 metres wide. The surface is medium to small compacted crushed rock. The unsealed section is a loop route that eventually returns to near the end of the sealed section of the path. This loop section takes you first to the designated lookout of the Island Archway and then around to the two viewing areas of the Razorback.



The designated viewing area of the Island Archway is approximately 400 metres (300 metres sealed and 100 metres unsealed) from the carpark and consists of a timber platform with pool-style fencing. There is a bench seat and ample room for maneuverability for wheelchairs and strollers on the platform viewing area. There are several bench seats along the path.