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London Bridge

Accessibility Information

There are two paths leading from the London Bridge car park. These two paths eventually join to meet the main path. The smaller of the two paths is located at the top of the disabled parking bay. It is a small crushed compacted gravel path approximately 1.2 metres wide.


Getting onto it from the designated disabled parking bay may be difficult if the adjoining parking bay is occupied.

The larger main path leading from the car park is sealed and accessed between the long vehicle and car parking areas. It is the most common path entrance accessed by visitorsand has accessible symbol signage at the start. Access to it requires crossing the car park service road.


There are three separate designated viewing areas for London Bridge. The main path branches off to these at different intervals. The most accessible viewing area is the middle viewing area (Main lookout), approximately 100 metres from the designated disabled parking bay. This viewing area consists of tiered viewing platforms, the top platform being the most accessible. The lower viewing platform has several steps and is not accessible to strollers and wheelchairs. The top viewing platform consists of timber decking with timber horizontal railings and an upper steel rail. Vertical steel mesh has also been applied to the front safety barrier. This may obstruct the quality of the view for those in a seated position.


The Upper designated viewing area of London Bridge is accessed from a relatively steep sealed path leading off from the main path. The last 80 metres of this path has a gradient of approximately 1:10 degrees, which may be too steep for wheelchairs.


The third designated viewing area (Lower lookout) of London Bridge is not recommended for strollers and wheelchairs. The path has some very steep sections and the last 30 metres of the path is unsealed with an uneven surface. The path varies in gradient and is approximately 1.3 metres wide.