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Shipwreck Coast Master Plan


The Shipwreck Coast encompasses 28km of spectacular coastline in Victoria’s south-west, from Princetown to the Bay of Islands, with over five million visitors to the Great Ocean Road region each year.

The Twelve Apostles now attracts up to 11,000 visitors a day and will reach over 2.1 million visitors in 2017.

The Shipwreck Coast Master Plan is a comprehensive program to protect the coast and improve visitor experience opportunities, highlighting the importance of the region for Victoria’s $21 billion tourism economy.

The Shipwreck Coast and Port Campbell National Park are part of key cultural heritage sites of the Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation (EMAC), representing the Traditional Owners of south-western Victoria. EMAC continues to be heavily involved in the consultation process to ensure the traditional heritage is maintained, respected and celebrated.

Stage One

The Victorian Government has invested $9.8 million to commence Stage One in bringing the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan to life.

These projects include:

  • Campbell’s Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Port Campbell
  • ‘The Saddle’ Lookout, Twelve Apostles
  • ‘The Blowhole’ Lookout, Loch Ard Precinct
  • Digital upgrade, Twelve Apostles

Stage One Concept Design Engagement

Parks Victoria, in partnership with Traditional Owners, invited community and stakeholder feedback on the design of three Stage One infrastructure projects, including new lookouts at the Twelve Apostles and the Loch Ard Precinct, and the new pedestrian bridge in Port Campbell.

Feedback received during the engagement process is detailed in the Engagement Summary Report July 2018.   The design team and Parks Victoria has reviewed and considered all feedback and provided responses to key themes for each of the three projects.

Campbell’s Creek Pedestrian Bridge

The new bridge will facilitate a year-round connection from Port Campbell to the Discovery Trail and Port Campbell National Park, west of Campbell’s Creek. The creek flow to the ocean fluctuates and at different times of the year it inhibits safe access between the township and the Discovery Trail.The new bridge will provide important pedestrian connectivity.

The Saddle’ Lookout, Twelve Apostles

The Saddle Lookout is located between the first primary lookout point and the end Castle Rock point. The base of the Saddle offers the greatest vista for extensive views along the coastline in each direction. Castle Rock is the end point which is unsafe for visitors and access is prohibited. Once the Saddle Lookout has been constructed, the Castle Rock Lookout will be closed and revegetated.

‘The Blowhole’ Lookout, Loch Ard Precinct

The Loch Ard Precinct is a large area containing multiple destinations and features of visitor interest, showcasing the diversity of the landscape and coastal environment, including the popular Loch Ard Gorge. The Blowhole is located slightly inland from the coast, providing a curious geological feature and visitor experience which contrasts with the other lookouts which are generally located on the coastal edge.This has been closed for many years due to safety reasons, so a new lookout will re-open this site again.

Digital upgrade, Twelve Apostles

Free public Wi-Fi will be available at the Twelve Apostles from early 2018 located in the Visitor Centre. The installation of Wi-Fi will enable visitors to share their experiences in real time via social media, as well as look up site information without relying on their own personal phone connections. A digital experience platform will also be developed.

Update February 2019

Twelve Apostles Precinct Masterplan

The Twelve Apostles Precinct has been identified as the highest priority project of the Shipwreck Coast Masterplan. It will deliver a Visitor Experience Centre which will become the main entry point and gateway for those visiting the Twelve Apostles. The Precinct will also become a centre point for the dispersion of visitation throughout the Shipwreck Coast. The Twelve Apostles Precinct will significantly shift the way visitors experience south west Victoria’s internationally renowned tourism sites– paving the way for more supporting infrastructure and amenities together with a more streamlined and simplified approach of seeing nature’s greatest attractions.

The Victorian Government has committed $1.5 million to progress work within the precinct for detailed master planning (as part of a $5 million masterplan package).

Expression of Interest

In mid-February 2019 a request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for a design lead and consortium to deliver a Masterplan for the Shipwreck Coast, Twelve Apostles Visitor Precinct project was issued by Development Victoria.

Project Reports

Shipwreck Coast Master Plan Project

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