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The Grotto

Accessibility Information

There is a path that leads from the carpark to the Grotto. The first 80 metres of the path has timber decking with timber edging. Some of the timber decking has gaps of up to two centimetres wide, which may be hazardous for some walking frames.


After the first 80 metres the path changes to a surface of compacted small to medium crushed rock.


The first designated viewing area of The Grotto is approximately 300 metres from the carpark. This section of the path is relatively level, except for a small section with a gradient of about 1:14. The viewing area consists of a timber deck and has horizontal timber safety railings.


The main designated viewing area of The Grotto is approximately 40 metres further down the path from the first viewing area. This section of path becomes quite steep, with a gradient of approximately 1:10. As a result, the path section after the first viewing area is not recommended for wheelchairs or strollers or visitors with limited mobility.


At the main viewing area there is a staircase leading down to a beach-level view of The Grotto. This is not suitable for strollers, wheelchairs or visitors with limited mobility.