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Powers Lookout is surrounded by mixed eucalypt forest. Narrow-leaf Peppermint and Broad-leaf Peppermint are the predominant species. They can be identified by their slightly rough, grey bark and as their names suggest, by the width of their leaves. When crushed, the leaves smell of eucalyptus mixed with peppermint. Another common eucalypt is Red Stringybark. This species has rough grey stringy bark.

The eucalypts with smooth white bark are Candlebark, Manna Gum or Brittle Gum. Often Manna Gums have rough bark which tends to be ribbony on the lower trunk. The trunks of Candlebarks are white in colour, hence their common name.

Blue Gum is a tall tree that grows in the moist gullies. It has very large leaves and ribbony bark that hangs from the branches. The flower buds and nuts are also quite large compared with other eucalypts.

The understorey species include Silver Wattle, Blackwood Wattle, Hazel Pomaderris, Dogwood, Tussock Grass and various herbs. The rocky outcrops support species such as Common Fringe Myrtle and Burgeon.