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The facilities described below are not part of the park and are not managed by Parks Victoria. They are managed by the local council and provide access to the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. They have been assessed for accessiblity by Parks Victoria.

Ramp to water

A triple ramp leads from the carpark down onto the hard sand giving access to the beach and rockpools to people in wheelchairs. The ramp is in the form of a cross allowing access to the beach at all tide levels. Viewing is best at low tide when the rockpools are exposed.

ramp from carpark

The longest section of the ramp gives direct access to the hard sand and the rockpools at low tide without the need to traverse the soft sand of the beach.

ramp leading to hard sand

The shorter sections are equipped with one hand rail. The ramp is rated as being fully accessible.

 ramp divides into 3 branches

Parking Facilities

Parking facilities are limited to one only designated space. Whist there is only one designated disabled parking bay there are two normal bays further down the carpark towards the yacht club that share a loading/access way.

designated disabled parking

Picnic Facilities

The picnic facilities do not cater for people in wheelchairs. There is no over hang on the tables or the provision to roll under the ends.

The concrete hardstand areas are not large enough to cater for a wheelchair to sit around the table and all wheels on the concrete.

picnic tables - no overhang

Access to the picnic area is difficult as it is across soft sand and an uneven grassed area. Most of the tables are a long way away from a hard surfaced path.

entrance to picnic facilities

There are no disabled toilet facilities available at this park other than at the nearby Tea House. The Tea House is fully accessible with ramped access and wheelchair access to the decked outdoor area overlooking the bay.

More information

There is more information about accessibility of the area surrounding Ricketts Point on Travability's website.