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Silver Mine Walking Track

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Medium walk / Day walk

Explore relics from early 1900s silver mining operations adjacent to the Snowy River in this 15.5km loop walk.

The Silver Mine Walk is recommended as an overnight trip for seasoned walkers with some orienteering skills and should not be attempted without access to the visitor guide, a good map of the area and a compass.

Starting from McKillop Bridge, the Silver Mine track links fire access and other minor tracks in a varied and interesting route, including a section of the bank of the Snowy River. The path is broad, well graded and carefully benched where it sidles steep hillsides.

The segment of the walk which follows beside the Snowy River is sometimes impacted by heavy growth which can make it difficult to find the path in this area.  As a guide, it is better to follow the track markers and walk along the foot of the slope where it meets the flood plain, rather than to follow the water’s edge, as visitors will more easily be able to see where the walking track (an old vehicle track at this location) deviates away from the river.