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Underground tours

Explore the network of underground tunnels and imagine them dusty and dim, filled with last century's hard-working men drilling and chipping for coal.

The mine remains just as it was in its working days. Tools and equipment are still in place, as if the miners have just walked away. Seams of 130 million year old coal glisten under dim lighting, while empty skips stand idle to rust in the silent tunnels. Kids will love adventuring underground, getting hands-on at the coal face and finding their own treasure to take away.

Guided tours run twice a day seven days a week, and last about an hour. Visitors need to wear closed-toe shoes.

All underground tours are guided by Parks Victoria staff and volunteers who tell stories from mining days past and explain mining methods and social history. Many guides have personal connections to the mine, with a special few being retired miners.

All that's missing are the men and pit-ponies. But if you stand still you can almost hear the clatter of horse shoes on steel rails, rumbling skips and the tapping of pick on coal.

Underground tour bookings

Book online before your visit to the State Coal Mine.