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Walks from Steiglitz Courthouse

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Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk

Deadman’s Loop - 5.4km, 1hr 45mins - Moderate to Difficult (yellow markers)

Walk one kilometre south-west along Stawell Street to the creek. Follow the creek bed on western side approximately 750 metres and locate orange markers where a small waterfall joins the creek. Follow the markers north-west through bushland, turning right at the Meredith-Steiglitz Road. Return to Steiglitz along the road, passing the old Catholic Church (c1868) and cemetery.

Beards Gully Walk – 6km, 6hrs min - Difficult

Expect hard off-track walking, steep climbs and dangerous mine shaft areas. A car shuffle is recommended. Leave one car at the Court House and park another at the start of Sailors Track.

Drive south from Bert Boardman Recreation Area along South Steiglitz Road to Sailors Track, or walk from the Court House Carpark (1 hour). Walk down Sailors Track and turn north on reaching Sutherlands Creek.

Look for signs of early goldmining. Watch your step! Old mineshafts and uncovered holes are often hidden by long grass along the edge of the creek. Follow the creek north, rock hopping along the creek where possible.

Upstream you may see quartz in the creek bed. After walking about two hours, look for interesting rock formations on the left side of the creek, north of Miners Track. Continue along the creek to intersect Deadmans Track and follow Stawell Street to the Court House Carpark.