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Walks from the Visitor Centre

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Medium walk / Day walk
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 1. Corrigan Suspension Bridge
(1.2 km, 25 min one way)

Walk to the impressive Corrigan Suspension Bridge, which stretches through the rainforest canopy, affording spectacular views of the lush fern gully on the forest floor below. Follow the signs from the Visitor Centre Carpark via Lyrebird Ridge, Ash and Wills Tracks.

2. Lyrebird Ridge Track
(2.4 km, 45 min return)

Commencing at the Visitor Information Centre, this track leads through regenerating and mature Mountain Ash forests. Rest on the seats provided and listen to the sounds of the forest.

3. Forest Track
(4.4 km, 1.5 hours return)

Starting at the end of the Lyrebird Ridge Track, this longer walk completes a circuit back to the Visitor Centre via part of the Old Yarram - Balook Road. This track winds its way through Mountain Ash forest, a rainforest gully and an unusual thicket of Hazel omaderris. This track contains some steeper sections, is unsurfaced and is recommended for the more serious walker.

4. Ash Track
(680 metres, 12 min one way)

Branching off the Lyrebird Ridge Track, this track leads through regenerating Mountain Ash forest to the beginning of the Fern Gully Nature Walk. Look for remnants of logging that occurred here in the early 1900s. Eucalypts are now growing to replace them.

5. Fern Gully Nature Walk
(720 metres, 15 min return)

The Fern Gully Nature Walk begins where the Ash Track meets the Wills Track and provides an excellent introduction to the plants and wildlife of the Mountain Ash Forests and Cool Temperate Rainforests of the Strzelecki Ranges. Interpretive signs along this track explain the features seen.

6. Scenic Track
(1 km, 20 min one way)

This walk takes you through tall Mountain Ash forest and patches of Cool Temperate Rainforest. It commences at the Corrigan’s Suspension Bridge and finishes at the Bulga entrance. From here you can continue back to the Visitor Centre or walk down the road to the Bulga Carpark.