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Toilets - main campsite

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Accessibility information

(For visitors with mobility limitations)  

The toilet block consists of a separate male and female toilets and showers.

There is a separate accessible unisex toilet in the same building.

The toilets and showers are close to the main car park and can be accessed by a short sealed path. This path is tiered and sloped with a gradient of approximately 1:12 gradient.

Access path to the toilets

The accessible unisex toilet consists of a change area separated from the toilet cubicle by a sliding door.

Entrance to the designated disabled toilet

The change area has a bench seat and a fold down bench for changing babies.

The change area is separated by a sliding door

The main entrance to the toilet/change area is approximately 820mm wide and the interior sliding door entrance to the toilet cubicle is approximately 830mm wide.

The toilet has grab railing on one side wall.

The toilet cubicle also has a reasonably accessible wash basin with a cold water tap with a turn style knob. There are no power points in this area.

The accessible toilet and change area does not have an accessible shower. Visitors would need to use the showers located in the men’s and women’s toilets.

There are two shower cubicles located in each of the men’s and women’s toilets. Each cubicle is approximately 1.5 metres long x 1.45 metres wide and has a hinged door. The opening of the shower doors is quite narrow - approximately 830mm wide. There is a small step (110mm high) to get into the shower cubicles making it difficult for people with limited mobility.

The shower cubicles have separate cold and hot water taps and have no grab railing or shower seating. This is a small bench in the cubicle.

Shower cubicles

shower cubicle
Bench in shower cubicle

The wash basins in the main toilets are 660mm heigh, which is too low for most wheelchairs to roll under. The basins have a cold water knob style tap.

The vanity mirrors are mounted quite high for use by visitors in wheelchairs. Power points are near the wash basins and reasonably accessible.

wash basins

wash basins and showers