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Bike riding is permitted on open vehicle roads tracks and some management tracks including Pangarang Lookout Walk and Ridge Track to Mount Glenrowan. Riding is prohibited on all other walking tracks and areas affected by Cinnamon Fungus.

The Friends Walking Track may be used by both walkers and bike riders between the hours of 6pm and 11pm Monday to Sunday and 8am to 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday.  Bike riders must give way to walkers and remain on the tracks at all times.

Management tracks and the open grassy understorey are ideal for easy walking.

Wear sturdy footwear and always carry water on your walk, especially during hot weather.

Walking tracks

Friends Track is a self-guided walk starting from Wenhams Camp and is a moderate 4.6km loop track taking approximately two hours to complete. There is an opportunity to divert from the track to Kwat Kwat Lookout (1km return) with excellent views of the Ovens Valley and the Victorian Alps. Mountain bike riders are permitted to use this track so look out for cyclists.

The Friends of the Warbys Arboretum - A walk through the Arboretum at Wenhams Camp helps visitors identify the park’s diverse range of plants. 

Salisbury Walk (4.5km), starting from Shanley Street, makes its way up the Salisbury Falls Gorge to Wenhams Camp via Friends Track. An alternative route via Alpine Views Track looks out over the Ovens Valley. The track is steep in places and a moderate level of fitness is required.

Sunrise Walk is a complex of tracks providing a choice of two to six kilometre walks ranging from moderate to hard. The walks start from the end of Delloro Road and climb up to the plateau to the west. During spring a variety of wildflowers beautify the area. At the start is a 1.5km return walk to a quarry where granite was obtained to build the Anglican Cathedral in Wangaratta.

Pangarang Lookout Walk begins from Ferris Road and is an easy 3km return offering panoramic views to the west.

Pine Gully Nature Walk provides a good interpretation of the park's natural values on a 2km self-guided loop walk. The walk takes about an hour to complete and is steep and rocky in places. Suitable footwear is essential.

Mt Glenrowan -There is no better place to view the Ovens and King Valley and the Victorian Alps than from this vantage point. The 9km return walk to the lookout begins from the stile at Taminick Gap and follows Ridge Track. There is one steep section of sealed road leading up to the communication towers near the start of the walk, while the remainder is moderate to easy