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A detailed accessibility assessment was completed in 2012 of:

  • Pound Bend
  • Jumping Creek
  • Whipstick Gully
  • Fourth Hill

For photos and more information, click on the links below. 

  • family picnic at table - metro park

    Pound Bend Reserve Pound Bend has a delightful picnic area with tables, toilets, a canoe launching ramp and great views of the river. There are easy walks and tracks around this area.Dogs are…

  • walking

    Jumping Creek Reserve Jumping Creek has a large recreational area with wood barbecues, picnic tables, toilets and an information shelter. Some wood is provided but it is advisable to bring your own.For those…

  • walking - park

    Whipstick Gully Several relics of the gold mine boom remain amongst old mines. An excellent history of the area is provided on the information shelter. There is a self-guided walk of the…

  • Fourth Hill carpark and picnic area

    Fourth Hill - Gold Memorial Accessibility Information Access to the river from the carpark at Fourth Hill is quite rough. There are two square accessible picnic tables close to the river. Both have roll under…