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Werribee Gorge area has remained in a relatively natural state because it has been reserved for public use since 1907and it has rugged and steep slopes. Since most of the surrounding land has been cleared and farmed for many years it is vitally important to preserve the park’s native flora and fauna.
Trees include Red Ironbark, Grey Box, Manna Gum and Varnish and Golden Wattle and the White Cypress-pine, usually found north of the Dividing Range. Among other plants are Wedge-leaf Hop-bush, Snowy Mint-bush, bush peas, groundsels and (in shady gullies) several species of ferns.


Echidnas, koalas, Swamp Wallabies and Eastern Grey Kangaroos are some of the park's mammals. Lucky visitors may even see a platypus swimming in one of the deep river holes.

Birdlife is prolific, two notable species being the mighty Wedge-tailed Eagle and the splendid Peregrine Falcon.