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Werribee Heritage Orchard

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The Werribee Park Orchard is a joint effort by the community and Parks Victoria to preserve and restore the fruit orchard originally planted by the Chirnside family in the late 1800s.

Built on the Werribee River floodplain, the orchard was a major source of fruit such as apples, quinces, pears and stone fruits for the Chirnside family. It continued to grow fruit for those studying at the seminary until the 1970s, when the State Government purchased it.

After being in disrepair for many years, 120 new trees will be planted to revive the orchard. The orchard is located near the Werribee Park farm buildings on the banks of the Werribee River.

Werribee Park Heritage Orchard Group

The Werribee Park Heritage Orchard Group works to identify fruit tree varieties, care for the existing and new trees and propagate more stock. Formed by local volunteers and Parks Victoria, the group conducts recreational activities and educational workshops in the care and cultivation of the orchard's fruit trees.