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The path from the information centre is initially flat with a hard bitumen surface. There is a short, 20 metre section that is steep with a gradient of approximately gradient of 1 in 7. Once past that section the path remains at less than a 1 in 14 gradient right through to the log cabin visual display building.

Path to Visual Display Centre 

The entry to this building is wide and the left hand room provides good access. The aisle down beside the seating is wide and there is an area at the front for wheelchair visitors. The paths immediately around the building are flat hard packed fine gravel.


Inside the visual display centre
Outside and inside the Visual Display Centre

From the log cabin visual display building there is a choice to return back the same way or to take the sealed path to the gallery and upper sculptures. The path leading to the upper road has sections with a gradient of 1 in 4.

Before the main road is a path off to the left accessing the sculptures "Brute" and "Long Beard". This path is also sealed and the gradients are less than 1 in 14.

Path to Long-Beard
Path to Long Beard

The final section of the path to the main road is steep with an approximate gradient of 1 in 5. The road to the main gallery is steep again with an approximate gradient of 1 in 4. The road back to the information centre has gradients as steep as 1 in 10 with the final section approximately 1 in 7. "Earthly Mother" is only accessible via steps but can be seen from the main road.

Main road

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