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With 92 sculptures of people and animals to explore in their magnificent natural surroundings, the full-length audio tour takes you on a journey through the Sanctuary, bringing to life the work and passion of William Ricketts.

The tour provides fascinating insight into:

  • William Ricketts life, particularly the time spent with communities in Central Australia
  • His message to the Australian people regarding the relationship between our natural environment and Indigenous people

Use the  audio tour to enrich your experience in the sanctuary or learn about the sanctuary as you travel to the park or back at home.

MP3 players are available for hire at the Sanctuary for a fee of $5.

Alternatively, to play these podcasts simply save each track to your computer. From there you can store them on your chosen MP3 player, and enjoy listening to them as you tour the park.

The 500m tour is illustrated in the guide map. (pdf)

audio-icon Part 1: Map Reference 1 - 9 (8 mb, mp3)
 An introduction to the sanctuary, guiding you from the information centre to the old house where videos are on display.

audio-icon Part 2: Map Reference 10 to 15 (10 mb, mp3)
 Takes you from the 'shrine' at the back of the old house, into the grotto and up to the base of the new house on the main track.

audio-icon  Part 3: Map Reference 16 to 24 (11 mb, mp3)
 Guides you through some of William Ricketts' more expansive and well-known works. It starts at Australia Crucified, passing through the gallery, past the Earthly Mother, Pmara Kutata, and returns you to the information centre at the end of the tour.