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Safety and regulations


  • All the plants and animals in the park are protected. Leave the park as you find it.
  • Line fishing and commercial fishing is permitted.
  • Spearfishing and diving for abalone and rock lobster are permitted subject to some restrictions.
  • Keep clear of all bird nesting and roosting areas as disturbance can lead to exposure of eggs and chicks to the elements or predators.


  • Undertake only those activities appropriate to your skills and abilities.
  • Take all necessary precautions. Be aware of changing conditions and watch for potential hazards, such as rips, undertows and strong currents.
  • A number of marine animals are potentially harmful. Ensure you are familiar with these species.
  • Take necessary precautions to avoid sunburn and hypothermia.
  • Scuba diving is a potentially high-risk activity and should only be undertaken by appropriately qualified people that have completed recognised training and certification. Victoria's cool water environments can be extremely challenging to those used to diving in warmer waters so ensure you seek local advice before undertaking a dive in a new location. Dive charter operators can provide some of the best advice on diving in Victoria.
  • This park has been assessed to have a low level of bushfire risk and will remain open on days of Code Red Fire Danger Rating.