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All-terrain wheelchairs

A  motorised TrailRider and a range of beach wheelchairs are available for park visitors with significant physical disabilities or mobility limitations to explore the great outdoors at Wilsons Promontory National Park.

These all terrain wheelchairs are designed for different abilities and are available  for both adults and children. The chairs are suited for sandy and semi-rough tracks where conventional wheelchairs cannot go.

Beach wheelchairs on Norman Beach

Adult Beach wheelchair on Norman Beach
Lasher Sport BT Adult Beach Chair

Beach wheelchair on Norman Beach
Wanderer Adult Beach Wheelchair

Children's beach wheelchair
Childrens Hippocampe Chair

The TrailRider

The TrailRider is motorised and requires a minimum of two operators. Four operators are recommended for long trails or walks with significant gradients. The passenger of the TrailRider chair is required to wear a bike helmet when using the chair and visitors are asked to provide their own helmet.

Visitor enjoying the TrailRider
The TrailRider – suitable for adults and children

The level of access to park trails and park beaches will largely depend on fitness of chair operators, ground surface, trail gradients and other factors. The All-terrain wheelchairs available easily disassemble and fit in the back of a station wagon.

The chairs can be borrowed for free and bookings can be made in advance. For all bookings and enquiries please contact the Wilsons Promontory National Park Information Centre on (03) 8427 2122.

All-terrain wheelchairs are also available for use at Cape Conran Coastal Park, and the Grampians and Point Nepean National Parks.