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Darby Saddle

Medium walk / Day walk

Walks from Darby Saddle

Darby Saddle to Tongue Point

The track from Darby Saddle provides spectacular coastal and forest scenery as it climbs uphill through stringybark and casuarina forest. At 2.1 km a side track (300 metres) leads up to Sparkes Lookout which offers views as far as the pyramid-shaped Rodondo Island in the south and Shallow Inlet in the north.

After the turnoff, the main track climbs steeply to Lookout Rocks, a vantage point offering views across to Norman Island. From here the track descends steeply through low heathland where it joins the track from Darby River and continues to Tongue Point, a coastal headland jewelled with tumbled stacks and boulders of weathered granite. The track ends prior to the semi-attached island. For your safety don’t attempt to cross over to it.

Distance: 5.6 km.
Time: 2.5 hours.
Grade: Moderate / Hard.

Darby River, Fairy Cove, Tongue Point, Darby Saddle

This track covers the stunning Tongue Point coastal area. Walkers will need to organise a car shuttle.

Distance: 9.4 km.
Time: 3.5 hours.
Grade: Moderate / Hard.

Refer to the Park Note - Walking Guide below for more information.