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Refuge Cove

Refuge Cove is stunning, secluded beach situated on the east side of the Prom accessible via walking track from Sealers Cove to the north or Little Waterloo Bay to the south. The track between Sealers Cove and Refuge Cove offers many great views.

Refuge Cove campsite, located at the southern end of the cove, is surrounded by lush vegetation and is within close proximity to the water.

A maximum two night consecutive stay applies.

Advance booking is required. You can book online or call parks Victoria on 13 1963

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There are basic camping facilities available, including water supply. Composting toilets are provided, though toilet paper is not supplied.

Refer to the Southern Circuit Overnight Hikes publication for more information.

Information for boat users

  • Boat users only require a permit if camping on land overnight. A ranger may be present at Refuge Cove and Sealers Cove.
  • Overnight camping for boat visitors is permitted for two nights in designated areas.
  • Generators are not permitted on shore. Use of compressors to fill scuba cylinders is only permitted on North Refuge Beach.
  • To prevent the spread of the Northern Pacific Seastar, please ensure that all watercraft and equipment are clean and dry before and after entering watercourses.
  • Tying stern lines to vegetation is prohibited.
  • Fishing is not permitted in Marine National Parks. Fishing is permitted in Marine Parks.
  • Seasonal restrictions apply to watercraft around Kanowna Island. Check with Parks Victoria staff.