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Peak season - How to apply

Labour Day and Easter weekend 2019

Easter weekend is a four night minimum stay. Arrive Thursday, 18 April, depart Monday, 22 April.

Labour Day weekend is a three night minimum stay. Arrive Friday, 9 March, depart Monday, 12 March.

Campsites at Tidal River will be allocated on a first-in first-served basis. Allocation is determined by availability and the preferences selected within your booking request.

Peak season bookings information

Frequently asked questions

How to apply

Selecting dates
Requesting a campsite
Site occupant details
Additional vehicles
Applying for concession rates
Making group bookings (optional)
Completing your application
Where do I go for extra assistance?

Selecting dates

Campsites will show as sold prior to 9am on the date of release. Refresh your browser page at 9am to see availability.

Ensure the date matches the arrival date for the advertised booking period.

minimum nights

A minimum stay of four nights applies to Easter and three nights for Labour Day weekend. Ensure the correct number of nights is selected or you will not be able to submit your booking request.

Number of adults/children/infants
Select the expected number of adults, children and infants for the campsite. Maximum occupancy is a total of eight per site.

Requesting a campsite

Select your first preference when requesting a powered or unpowered campsite from the available options.

campsite selection

Additional preferences, including the ability to enter specific site locations and requirements, are available in the next step of the booking request process.

Only a limited number of powered campsites are available to request. Sites will show as sold once the maximum allocation has been reached.

Site occupant details

Enter your site occupant details into the fields provided.

site occupant details

The 'Equipment I am bringing' field assists in suitable site allocation. 'Van' indicates caravan, campervan, pop-top or camper trailer type vehicles.

If you are completing a group application, ensure that you include specific contact details for each site you are applying for.


Select your first and second preferences from the drop down lists.

site preferences

It is advised that when applying for campsites, that the smallest campsite suitable is selected. This will increase your chance of being successful in being allocated a site.

If you have only one preference, select the ‘No second preference' option from the ‘Second preference' drop down list.

If you have selected a powered campsite in the previous step this will be the only option available to select for your first preference.

Preferred site location
Enter your preferred site location into the 'Preferred site location' field.

Additional requirements
Enter any additional information into the ‘Additional requirements ' field. E.g. disabled facilities required. We will take requirements into consideration at the time of allocation.

Accept site allocated by Parks Victoria
Select 'Yes' to the ‘Accept a site allocated by Parks Victoria' if you are happy to accept a site allocated by the park, if your preferences are not available.

No site guarantee
Select 'Yes' from the ‘I acknowledge that this application does not guarantee that I will be allocated a site' drop down list. This checkbox must be selected before an application can be submitted.

Additional vehicles

Your booking includes one vehicle per booked campsite. Each additional vehicle costs $9.90 per night, per campsite. Parking near your site is subject to availability.

Please select 'Yes' to add a second vehicle to your site request if required. Enter vehicle registration details, if known.

add additional vehicle

Only select 'Yes' to adding a third vehicle if you have also selected 'Yes' to adding a second vehicle.

Applying for concession rates

A 10 per cent discount applies to the base price of powered and unpowered campsites for holders of eligible means-tested concession cards. Eligible cards include:

  • Centrelink Health Care Card.
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card.
  • Veterans Affairs Gold Card for All Conditions.
  • Veterans Affairs Gold Card War Widow.
  • Veterans Affairs Gold Card TPI.
  • Veterans Affairs Gold card POW & EDA.

To request concession rate please select 'Yes' to the question 'means-tested concession card holder?'

enter concession discount

To claim the concession discount the concession card holder must be the named person for the site. The cardholder name and card type are required to request a discount.

Customers requesting concession rates must be able to produce a valid concession card upon request.

For group bookings, the concession discount only applies to the site occupied by the concession card holder. You must request a concession rate for each individual site request where the discount is to be applied.

Making group (multi-site) bookings

Group applications can be made by adding additional campsite requests to your cart after you complete your initial site request.

Once you have entered all details for your initial site request select the 'Add item to cart' button to add the item to your cart and return to the home screen where you can request an additional site.

Add to cart

Only select the 'Buy Now' button once all site requests for your group have been entered.

If required, you can return to saved items in your shopping cart by clicking the cart icon icon at the top of the page.

Each campsite should be registered with a different contact name. Enter the details for your party information and site preferences into the fields provided.

A maximum of 10 sites can be requested per transaction.


Payment details are not required to submit a booking request. Should your request be successful you will be emailed instructions to pay online via a secure payment gateway.

I you do not have a credit card and received notification your request has been successful you can contact our Information Centre to arrange an alternative form of payment. Information Centre hours: 9am – 5pm AEST seven days a week. Phone 13 1963.

Completing your application

Once you have entered all details for your site request/s select the 'Buy Now' button to finalise your booking request.

Add to cart

If required, you can return to saved items in your shopping cart by clicking the cart icon icon at the top of the page. Once selected, click the 'Checkout Now' button to finalise your booking request.

On the 'Bookings' screen review the details of your booking request to ensure that all information is correct. 

Enter your contact details in the fields provided. Fields in bold text are required.

booking details

Select the 'I accept the terms & conditions' checkbox if you have read and agree to the site terms and conditions.

Click the 'Book now' button to submit your request.

Once your booking request has been submitted you will receive an email to confirm that your request has been received. You will receive a further notification email to advise the result of your request once the allocation process has been completed.

Where do I go for extra assistance?

If you have any further questions about the peak season application process please read our useful information and frequently asked questions pages or contact us.