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West coast beaches

Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk
Snorkelling/SCUBA Diving

The west coast of the Prom has a number of beautiful and easily accessible beaches for visitors to enjoy.

The beautiful sandy beach along Tidal River at Norman Bay is perfect for swimming and surfing, and is a delight for children and adults to explore.

If you take snorkel or scuba gear, you can discover the underwater world surrounding the Prom - all of which is protected in a marine national park. Or you could head out by canoe to explore the park further.

If you're not able to go out in the water, explore intertidal life in the rockpools formed by granite boulders at many of the beaches.

Many beaches at Wilsons Promontory are generally unsuitable for swimming. For example, Squeaky Beach has a strong undertow, a rip and a steep, sandy bottom. Ocean swells or waves can crash along rocky shorelines catching people unaware. If fishing or walking along a rocky shoreline, always keep an eye to the sea.

Coastal sand dunes are fragile environments that are easily damaged. Please stay on the beach or designated walking tracks.

Popular beaches

  • WPNP - Norman Beach

    Norman Beach Norman BeachClose to Tidal River campground, the beautiful Norman Beach is flanked by Pillar Point in the north and Norman Point in the south and offers stunning views of Mount…

  • walking - family

    Picnic Bay Just a short drive from Tidal River, this beautiful beach has rock formations at both ends of the beach offering a range of intertidal rock pool habitats to explore.Commencing from…

  • wilsons prom - squeaky beach

    Squeaky Beach One of the Prom’s iconic locations, the rounded grains of quartz sand make a ’squeak’ when walked on. Squeaky Beach can be accessed by vehicle from the Squeaky Beach carpark…

  • WPNP - Whiskey Bay

    Whisky Bay Whisky Bay is a small sheltered beach with rock formations at each end. Accessible from the Whisky Bay car park, the track follows a moist gully along Whisky Creek before…