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Loop Picnic Area

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Accessibility Information

Picnic Facilities

Access to the picnic shelter, tables and barbecues is over a relatively level grassed area that would be accessible when the grass is mown short.

Loop picnic area
Loop picnic area

Loop picnic area facilities access
Access from the carpark to the picnic facilities

The picnic shelter has a concrete slab with two picnic tables but they have no roll-under end feature. However, the shelter could still be utilised as it provides a stable surface and some protection from the weather.

Loop picnic area barbecue and shelter
Loop picnic area shelter, barbecue and table

There is a white rotunda with a level concrete floor, outer bench seating and a high middle bench that could also be utilised.

Loop picnic area rotunda
Loop picnic area rotunda

Access to the information shelter is difficult for wheelchairs.

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