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Fairlea Sporting Precinct Upgrades - Yarra Bend Park

Parks Victoria is preparing a feasibility study to determine the layout of planned sporting facility improvements at the Fairlea Precinct of Yarra Bend Park. To support the study, park users, businesses and the broader community are invited to provide feedback on the layout and design of the facilities.

Upgrades include a regional netball precinct which will include eight new netball courts, a community pavilion, sports lighting, car parking and associated services and amenities.

Project Summary

  1. Eight new netball courts in the current vacant land between the Parks Victoria office and Yarra Bend Road
  2. Replace the current pavilion with a toilet and a new shared pavilion
  3. Retain the fly fishers pond without change, in the current location
  4. Removes the existing entry road to the office and provide additional car parking retaining most of the tree canopy around the courts
  5. Lighting improvements
  6. Retain existing uses and the pedestrian trail through the precinct to the Main Yarra Trail, and dog walking activity

Have your say

Parks Victoria has engaged consultant @Leisure Planners to complete the feasibility study.

Provide input on the feasibility study here or contact Parks Victoria on 13 1963.

Following technical investigations and community and stakeholder input, Parks Victoria and At Leisure will generate a detailed design layout before commencing the facility upgrade.