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Dights Falls

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Short walk

The park's best known geological feature is Dights Falls. Dights Falls is an artificial weir built on a natural rock bar across the Yarra. The weir was built in the 1840s to provide water to the 'Ceres' flour mill, one of the first in Victoria. The falls were later to become known as Dights Falls after the owners of the mill.

This site and the adjacent Pumping Station Track cuttings, exhibit exposed bedding planes characterised by ripple marks, complex folding and faulting and fine grained sediments containing early marine fossils (eg. Graptolites - primitive invertebrate animals).


Dights Falls Loop Trail

4.2km, 1.5 hours
Moderate walk

On this walk you will discover the sites of the former 'Lunatic Asylum', the lookout over Galatea Point, the 'Greenlink, Yarra Bend' revegetation area, the former Deep Rock Swimming Club, the Koori Garden and Dights Falls.

The walk begins on the north side of Kanes Bridge. The sports oval on your right was the former site of the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, the first established in Victoria in 1845. The well established exotic trees (Figs, Elms and Cyprus) stand as the remnants of the asylum's garden along the trail.

Following the trail along the bank of the river will lead you to a viewing platform that overlooks the River Red Gum dominated bush of Galatea Point across the river. The lookout is a great place for birdwatching with Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, Sacred Kingfishers and Rainbow Lorikeets, frequenting the area.

As you leave the lookout, walk up and around the fenced revegetation area following the path along the ridge.

Descending the hill onto the flood plain of Deep Rock, you will see the rocky escarpment on the other side of the river which is made up of uplifted silurian mudstone/sandstone sediments.

This quiet section of the river was the former site of the popular Deep Rock Swimming Club until the 1940s.

Past the site of the Deep Rock Swimming Club, at the junction of the Yarra River and the Merri Creek, you will find the Koori Garden. This site feature Indigenous plants used by the Aboriginals, and also marks the former gathering place of the Wurnundjeri people.

Cross the bridge over the Merri Creek to discover Dights Falls. Cross back over the Merri Creek to the junction of the paths. To extend your walk to the Westfield Picnic Area, turn left and continue up the Main Yarra Trail. To continue on the Dights Falls Loop Trail, walk back along the Yarra River until you reach the uphill path running adjacent to the Eastern Freeway and follow this path.

To the right of the path you will pass three of the park's sports fields. Turn right onto Yarra Bend Road heading back towards Kane's Bridge. You will pass the Yarra Bend Public Golf Course and Golf House (built in 1933) which is classified by the National Trust.