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Swamp Gum Car Park & Picnic Area

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Accessibility information

The Swamp Gum Picnic Area has barbecues, a picnic shelter and picnic tables. There is a playground nearby.

Under the picnic pavilion there are three wooden tables with extended table tops to enable wheelchair users to roll under the table.

Outside there are some modern steel tables. The ends have a 400 millmetre overhang and the concrete pads are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair at the end of the table.

The barbecues are located in the pavilion and have an operating height of 900 millimetres.

The nearest toilet facilities are located at Melaleuca parking area. An asphalt pathway leads from the Swamp Gum Picnic Area.

More information about accessibility and photos of the facilities at Swamp Gum Picnic Area can be found by clicking on the relevant links in the left hand side menu.