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Banksia Park - Dog friendly park

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Dog walking

There is a fenced area where dogs can be exercised off-lead next to the Japanes Cherry Tree Grove.

Accessibility information

The off-lead dog park is a great area for people with a disability to allow their dogs to exercise freely without the risk of them running off or being difficult to find.


Just outside the fenced area there are two accessible parking spaces either side of the clearway giving ample laoding room even for side ramped vans. There is a short sealed path to the gates of the fenced area.

dog park - carparking

dog park - path


Entry is through a set of two gates that are light to open. Both gates open either in or out. The latch is a metre off the ground and lifts upward. It can be operated without finger dexterity. Between the gates is ample room for a wheelchair with over 2 metres of clear space.

dog park - gate

Within the park there is a large circular track of compact fine gravel leading between the trees and large open grassed play areas. The entire area is level. There are seats with backrests within the area and a drinking fountain (for both human and dogs).