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Banksia Park - Loop walks

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Cherry Blossom Loop Walk

The Cherry Blossom Loop Walk is 820 metres long and starts from the entry to the dog friendly area. The entire loop is sealed and level. The path is over 2 metres in width making it ideal for wheelchair and walker users.

Seats with backrests are provided around the loop and each area has provision for wheelchairs. Information signs are readable from wheelchair height with paved access. The path follows the river and returns through the Cherry Tree Grove.

cherry blossom - path

cherry blossom - bench seat

Western Loop

At the western end of the park is another parking area that has a 3.6 metre designated disabled parking space. There is another full sealed loop path approximately 1.5 kilomtres in length. This path contains gradients that exceed 1 in 14. A drinking fountain is located at the beginning of the loop path.