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Playground - Birrarung Park

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Near the entrance to the park there is a playground and picnic area. The playground has its own parking area with two designated disabled spaces either side of the main access. One bay is 4.0 meters wide and the other is 3.6 meters wide. They both share the access way for additional space beside the vehicle. These bays would cater for a side ramped van.

parking - playground

The carpark is sealed and is flat and level. A path leads direct from the car park across a boardwalk over the drain.

access from carpark to playground

At the end of the board walk the path turns to gravel a traverses a slope to the playground and picnic area. The length is approximately 30 meters and the slope approximately 1 in 14. There is a significant 1 in 14 cross slope.

ramp to dirt path

The playground and picnic pavilion are on level ground.


The playground is constructed of wood and steel. It has a T-shaped ramp allowing access for children or adults with a disability. The ramp gives access to several games and the maze. There are grab rails along the ramped sections and the distance between the posts on the side of the ramp exceeds a meter.

Playground   Playground ramp

The playground includes a maze than has a sealed floor surface. It can be accessed via the ramp through the playground or directly from the picnic area. The passage ways are wide enough to cater for children using a wheelchair or other mobility aids.

playground maze

playground - maze

Picnic shelter

Adjacent to the playground is a covered picnic pavilion with a paved level floor. The tables have fixed bench seating down two sides. The table ends have a 12 inch overhang which does not allow full roll under access for wheelchair users.

tables under picnic shelter