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Tour operator and activity provider licensing

Licensed tour operators and activity providers offer a wide range of appropriate organised recreation activities on public land. These organised recreation opportunities are conducted across varied environments, ranging from remote national parks to metropolitan parks close to Melbourne.

Who needs a tour operator and activity provider licence?

A licence is required by a person or business to conduct an organised tour or recreational activity for profit on public land in Victoria. Parks Victoria licence over 50 different activities on public land ranging from vehicle based sightseeing tours through to mountain biking and physical fitness education.

Parks Victoria administer tour operator licensing on behalf of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning including Victorian state waters and inland waterways.

How long does the licence application process take until finalisation?

The licence application normally takes between 6 to 8 week depending on complexity. This process can be reduced by ensuring that all the documentation submitted meets Parks Victoria’s requirements.

What fees are charged for a tour operator and activity provider licence?

Fees payable by a licensed tour operator and activity provider consist of a fixed component and a variable use component (based on visitor numbers). The fixed component is the ‘annual licence fee’ and is indexed annually. The variable use component, the ‘use fee’, is fixed and is calculated on a person per day basis. Operators can report this information either on quarterly or annually basis after the activity has taken place.

2018-19 fee schedule


2018-19 fee

Annual Fee – Standard One year licence


Annual Fee – Standard licence greater than one year (per year)


Use fee - Adult


Use fee – Child (including school students)


How long is a licence valid for?

Tour operator and activity provider licensing occurs on a financial year basis, from July 1 to June 30. A multiple year licence is available for an operator with a good operating record (who has held a licence for three or more years) or holds acceptable accreditation of up to 10 years (you do not need any accreditation to apply for a 1 year licence).

Please note that pro rata fees are not available. If an operator was to apply half way through the year the full annual licence fee will be applied.

How do I apply for a 2018-19 tour operator and activity providers licence?

Existing licensees

Existing tour operators and activity providers can now apply for their 2018-19 licence through ParkConnect, a new secure online portal that allows operators to monitor and maintain their licensing details.

To access your account, sign in at

Previous licence details have been pre-populated to assist with your 2018-19 application.

New applicants

Please note that the following documentation and information must be prepared before submitting your application:

  • Business details, including business structure, contact details
  • A valid Certificate of Currency (Public Liability Insurance)
  • A completed tour schedule (one for each tour / activity)
  • A certificate of accreditation (to apply for a multiple year licence)

2018-19 new operator application form

How do I add a location or activity to my existing licence?

Simply fill out the tour schedule document below and either attach it to your online application or, if you already have a licence, email it to

There is no cost to submit a tour schedule if you are an existing licensee.

Licensing documentation

Tour schedule (Word 94KB)

Trip return form (PDF 318KB)

Certificate of currency (public and products liability insurance) checklist and example (PDF 375.5KB)

Incident response form (PDF 60.4KB)

Where can I find more detailed information in relation to tour operator and activity provider licensing?

Frequently asked questions (PDF 400KB)

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website - for fact sheets and policy related materials.

Let us know you're coming

A group activity statement can be used to inform Parks Victoria of your intention to conduct an activity (where the condition of licence specifies this requirement).

Group activity statement form (Word 90KB)
Group activity statement form (PDF 236KB)

Please note: The processing timeframes for applications received by the Activation Agreements team will be extended during the holiday period.