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Tour operator and activity provider application

This online application form is designed for all operators that want to apply for a 2018-19 licence to conduct organised tours or recreational activities on public land (managed by Parks Victoria and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning) in Victoria.

Important information

  • No payment is required to complete this form. You will be invoiced.
  • Pro rata rates are not available. The full annual fee will be charged regardless of licence commencement date.
  • Your application will not be processed without all completed and correct documentation.
  • Multiple year licences are conditional on appropriate accreditation (please find full list in the frequently asked questions document).
  • Required fields are marked with an asterisk *

Licence duration

Licence duration *

^ You will be invoiced each year for the duration of your licence. The annual fee will be indexed each year. Attach accreditation certification below..

Contact details

Please insert the contact details of the individual completing this application form.

Business details

Business type *

(please note – a Trustee entity type - must supply a copy of the trust deed with their application)

Section A - Where licence is to be issued to an individual or partnership



Section B- Where licence is to be issued to an incorporated company / association



Authorised officer: (to sign legal documentation)

Section to be completed by all applicants

Business information


Nominated business contact

(will be the primary contact for all licensing and emergency communication)


Billing information

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Website listing

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All applicants (mandatory requirement)

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New operators (mandatory requirement)

Other supporting documentation:

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